Posted on Jun 11, 2020

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Why Do Most Personal Injury Cases Settle?
Will my personal injury case settle?
Although popular television shows and movies give the illusion that every legal case culminates with a dramatic trial, the reality is that over 95% of all cases and almost 96% of personal injury cases settle out of court. While many personal injury plaintiffs are eager for an opportunity to have their day in court so that they can tell their story to a judge and jury, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both trials and settlements.

Master negotiators, experienced trial lawyers
It is also important that victims of catastrophic accidents choose a legal team that understands these nuances and knows how to negotiate with hospitals, businesses, and insurance companies in order to maximize their clients’ winnings. Time and time again, the experienced Personal Injury Team at Munley Law win millions for our clients because we understand how to negotiate our clients’ claims to get them what they deserve.

Because most personal injury claims settle out of court, many personal injury lawyers do not have extensive trial experience. That can leave their clients at a major disadvantage.

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